The ACRE Network needs your help with this crucial survey. It is only carried out every ten years. We encourage you to complete it whether you are a rural village hall, community centre, sports pavilion, church hall, a church providing community use, Miners Welfare Institute or WI hall that provides meeting facilities for the community. 

So that ACRE and our members can provide ongoing support for village and community halls it is important to us that we have up to date information about halls and the social and economic impact they deliver for their communities. The data in the survey helps us to secure funding for halls, funding for Network services, and to ensure our services and information adapts to the challenges facing halls and communities.

Carrying out this survey every ten years also provides data about changes in society which would otherwise be hard to capture. ACRE has regularly used this evidence, both to support village halls (e.g. achieving licensing changes) and in its wider work (e.g. the House of Lords inquiry into the Rural Economy).

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* 1. Data protection.

Your response to the survey is confidential.  Your data will be processed by ACRE for the purposes of research according to our data protection privacy policies.  All files and records containing personal identifying information will be destroyed on completion of the project.  Data will be anonymised and will be passed to ACRE’s partners in this research Sheffield Hallam University and Power to Change. 

Please tick that you agree to this statement.

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* 2. Does the Management Committee give permission for ACRE to pass all personal contact details to the ACRE Network member in your County.  This is the organisation that you received this Survey from or details can be found on the ACRE website.

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