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* 2. National Poetry Day display packs contain the following: 3 x posters; pack of 100 assorted bookmarks; 10 sticker sheets; 1 x cut out template Freedom images © Sophie Herxheimer. Please indicate how many packs you would like to receive and please use the comment box to request additional material.

* 3. Are you planning a special event or events to celebrate National Poetry Day, 28 September 2017? If so please tell us about it, including how many people you expect to attend.

* 4. Thank you! Just a few last questions. Are you happy for us to add you to our mailing list to be kept up to date on National Poetry Day activity?

* 5. Are you happy for us to contact you about future National Poetry Day events?

* 6. Are you happy for us to share your details with our poetry partners?

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