The Voice of Young People

As the Scottish Government prepares the National Planning Framework 4 (a strategy for the next 30 years), we are seeking young people (14 – 26) who are interested in the future of Scotland and would like to tell us what they think about the future of their country. These views will be fed back to those producing the policy document implementing such matters in the future.

The Scottish Government is preparing a new strategy considering development and infrastructure to support sustainable and inclusive growth for Scotland up to 2050. Following a major engagement activity with private stakeholders as well as members of the public, four key areas have been selected for further consultation with young people: Climate Change, People, Work and Place.

On behalf of the Scottish Government, PAS (Planning Aid Scotland) is encouraging young people to share their views in order to help shape the National Planning Framework 4. We will be running a series of online workshops and events over late 2020 and early 2021 to seek young people's views. Please complete the survey below if you would like to get updates and/or take part in this project. Thank you.

All views shared through this survey and the upcoming online workshops will be anonymous.

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* 3. Where about in Scotland do you live?

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* 4. What do you think are the biggest challenges Scotland faces when planning for its future? What challenges do you face (e.g. housing issues, transport issues etc.) that you think should be improved?

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* 5. OPTIONAL: If you would like to be notified by email about upcoming online events an/or to take part in the project, please share your first name and email address below.

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