Have your say on a new National Park Vision

The Authority has faced a challenging year responding to and dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We want to ensure that we build back better as we move beyond the pandemic, meeting our legal and policy responsibilities and addressing the climate emergency.

We also need to ensure that we are ready to meet future financial and technological challenges.

We are reviewing future priorities and want to engage with as many people as possible from a wide range of backgrounds to find out what people feel are the most important aspects of the National Park Authority’s work.

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* 1. Do you agree with the proposed Vision: A National Park where nature, culture and communities thrive?

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* 2. Do you agree with the proposed Priorities? 

  • Conservation - Boosting biodiversity and halting its decline
  • Climate - Destination: Net Zero
  • Connection - Natural Health Service
  • Communities - Vibrant communities

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* 3. Do you agree with the proposed Outcomes?

  • Boosting biodiversity and halting its decline - Nature is
  • Destination: Net Zero - We’re an Authority aiming for net zero and a carbon neutral National Park
  • Natural Health Service - People are healthier, happier and more connected to nature and heritage
  • Vibrant communities - Places people can live, work and enjoy

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* 4. Under each of the Priorities what do you consider should be the key activities?

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* 5. Are there any issues not included in the high level strategy that you think should be included?

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* 6. Any comments?

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