Park user satisfaction survey

About Lambeth Parks
In Lambeth we are lucky enough to have access to over 80 parks and open spaces in the borough. During the coronavirus pandemic, it has become apparent how vital these spaces are to everyone living and working in Lambeth, not just for exercise but for relaxation as well as for people’s health and mental wellbeing.

The Lambeth Parks Team have strived to keep our open spaces well maintained and accessible for everyone during this crisis. Our service has continued, despite the facilities we were instructed to close and the significant increase in usage we have faced, with the same level of resources as before the pandemic started.

We are carrying out our annual satisfaction survey and we would like to hear from our users on how our service is performing. We are particularly interested to hear your views on what you feel we could do better.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The results will be published later in the year with our responses to any suggestions made.

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* How often do you visit this Park?

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* How much time do you generally spend in the park?

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* What are your main reasons for visiting the park? (please tick all relevant boxes)

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* How would you rate the following facility within the park?
(If the facility is not available in this park please select not applicable)

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Level of cleanliness and Maintenance
Personal safety and security
Quality of play facilities (where applicable)
Horticulture: quality of trees, plants and grass