Malmesbury Town Council is seeking views regarding the possible pedestrianisation of the area surrounding the Malmesbury Market Cross.

It has been suggested to the Town Council that parking could be suspended and the area pedestrianised for the use of residents and visitors. Options we are exploring range from no pedestrianisation, to pedestrianisation on some Sundays or weekends, to permanent pedestrianisation. Obviously, any pedestrianisation would mean a loss of the current nine free parking spaces for all or some of the time.

To help us with our decision, we are conducting a pilot survey to sound out the views of Malmesbury's residents, shopkeepers, business owners and visitors. This pilot survey will be open from 1st to 30th June 2018. The results will help us decide if we should conduct a more detailed investigation of this proposal. The options below may not necessarily be the only options open to the Town Council but will be used as a guide to what may or may not be adopted.

Please note that there is no proposal to change the arrangements for the Friday Artisan and Farmers' Market, nor the current parking suspensions for events such as St Aldhelm's Fair and Petticoat Lane.

The usual vehicle access would continue on Old Brewery Lane on the east side of the Market Cross.

* 1. Would you support the pedestrianisation of the area around the Market Cross?
You can respond in two ways:
  • Using the up and down arrows beside the Options A to D below, please select a number to show your order of preference (1 to 4). Use 1 for your first choice - the option you support the most, 2 for your second choice, 3 for your third choice and 4 for your last choice - the option you support the least.
  • OR you can move the option boxes up and down to put them in your order of preference: your first choice at the top of the list through to your last choice at the bottom. Select the dotted symbol to the left of any option and move the option up or down the list.

* 2. Please provide any additional comments or other suggested closure arrangements

* 3. About you. Are you (please tick all that apply)?

* 4. Please let us know the postcode of your home, business or shop

If you have any queries about the survey or require further information, then please contact the office at the Town Hall (see below).
Thank You
Thank you very much for participating in this survey. By completing and submitting this survey you are permitting the information you provide to be used by members, employees and associates of Malmesbury Town Council for the purpose of assessing views on the pedestrianisation of the Malmesbury Market Cross. This information will be kept confidential, but your comments or part thereof may be used to illustrate the survey conclusions or assist otherwise. The data will not be used in a manner which would allow identification of you or your individual response. This data will be confidentially stored and destroyed in accordance with the Town Council’s usual practice.
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