January 2017 GP Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the SMSKP GP Survey for January.

* 1. Where are you based?

* 2. Do you use GP referral guidelines on SMSKP website?

* 3. Do you use the SMSKP website as a source of clinical info?

* 4. Do you use the website to access self-management information for your patients?

* 5. What further resources would you like to see on the website?

* 6. How would you prefer to receive information from SMSKP?

* 7. What further information would you like to hear about e.g. latest communication, resources, service updates

* 8. Overall, following the referrals you make to SMSKP, how satisfied are you with the level of care your patients receive?

* 9. We offer an email advice and guidance service where a clinician can respond to queries within 24 hours. Were you aware of this?

* 10. What further training would be of value to you? (e.g. examination skills, prescribing in MSK, diagnostics/imaging in msk, pain management, injection skills, rheumatology, joint specific problems)

* 11. Please tick which forms of education you would be interested in (you can tick more than 1 box)

* 12. Would you be interested in a lunchtime educational meeting at your practice?

* 13. Any other comments?