Over the course of the pandemic we have been working hard to support you and your residents through digital care initiatives to increase connectivity between care provider the health and social services who support you.

We feel this would be a valuable point ahead of winter to take stock of how these initiatives are working in your setting, and gather feedback (Whether good or bad) to identify how those could work differently to provide the best support possible. You can also use this to report if you need any additional technical support to help you get the best out of these initiatives.

We will be re-running a short 5 minute survey we first took last year to see how things have changed in how these are being used across our area, and will also be surveying clinical colleagues to see how they are working from their perspective. If you would be happy to complete that would be a great help to us in supporting you.

The survey will focus on CCG tablet devices, NHS Mail and pulse oximeter devices. However if there is anything else you would like to feedback on, or any comments you would like to raise outside of the survey then please contact sam.varo@nhs.net

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* 1. Please provide the name of the care home/provider you are completing the survey on behalf of

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* 2. Do you regularly use your CCG "Samsung TAB A" Tablet Devices?