As your MSYP’s we met with Karen Delaney from the Council who is putting together a new plan about what the targets should be for youth work for the next 3 years across Moray.  We need your views as some young people have access to opportunities and others have none.  We need a big response to ensure it’s the right provision that is put in place with the funding that’s available.  Please take 2 minutes to respond and spread the word!

Thanks for your help.

 Isla Morrison & Mathilda Letch

* 1. Where should Youth Workers be based?

* 2. How can youth workers best make themselves accessible to you?

* 3. How can a youth worker support you?

* 4. What's the best way to get information on events, opportunities or issues to you?

* 5. What life skills would you like to know more about?

* 6. If you could change one thing in Moray, what would it be?