Hastings  Jack in the Green 2017

 Your view of Hastings Jack in the Green 2017.

* 1. Is 2017 your first time at Hastings Jack in the Green?

* 2. What did Hastings Jack in the Green 2017 mean to you? 1= most and 7= least.

* 3. How do you rate the following aspects of Jack in the Green (JITG)?

  This is essential for JITG. This is nice in JITG. I neither rate nor disapprove of this in JITG. I do not rate this in JITG. This is not suitable for JITG.
The Jack.
The morris dancers.
The drummers.
The giants.
The costumed characters.
Having a drink.
The Christianity.
The paganism.
It's traditional.
The bikers.
The decorated streets, houses and shops.
Anyone can join in.

* 4. I dressed up for JITG, watched the procession, the stage performers, went round the craft fair, had some food and a drink, got a leaf from the Jack and had a great time enjoying the atmosphere with friends/family and will do the same next year.

* 5. Do you feel that you were part of the event in any way?

* 6. Are there any other observations you would like to add about this year's JITG?