Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) are a group of bacteria commonly found in the environment around us (soil and water). There are many types of NTM and some, but not all, can cause lung disease and a condition called Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria pulmonary disease (NTM-PD). Some people are at a higher risk of developing NTM-PD, such as people with cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis.

The diagnosis and decision to treat NTM-PD are often challenging and require multiple assessments, which may include many sputum (mucus) samples and sometimes bronchoscopies. It may also take a long time until a decision to treat is made. The treatment is also lengthy and the drugs used may come with side effects.

We are asking the following people to complete this survey:
  • People diagnosed with bronchiectasis, both with and without NTM-PD
  • People with NTM-PD infection (current or past) with or without a diagnosis of bronchiectasis.
We want to learn about the challenges that you have encountered during the evaluation and treatment of NTM-PD, to help healthcare professionals improve how they deal with this condition.
This survey will take up to 15 minutes to complete, and is anonymous. You may want to ask other people – relatives, your nurse or doctor - to help you with answers in cases where you are not sure, but it is up to you.
11% of survey complete.