Participant Information Sheet 1/2

5% of survey complete.
We invite all self-identifying theatre and performance writers and critics to take part in joint Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and University of Kent research project by filling in an online questionnaire and, if they so wish, to offer their availability for a follow-up interview.

This survey sets out to explore the current ecology of theatre and performance criticism in the UK. It is the first survey of its kind to provide data on the ecology of criticism, from the point of view of those who self-identify as critics and writers, and operate within it. The survey takes a deliberately broad definition of ‘criticism’, in order to account for practices that are both professional, and those that work outside already established structures. These include, but are not limited to: blogging, performance writing, ecowriting, writing from live art and embedded criticism.

This survey aims to begin to capture the impact on structural, economic and cultural changes that have marked a wide array of practices of criticism across theatre and performance in the last twenty years. It seeks to capture quantitative data on who undertakes work within criticism, how they conceive of that work, and what kind of economic and professional conditions characterise its multiple strands.

Filling the survey will take about 20-30 minutes.

Follow-up interviews will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

The survey contains 66 questions about your criticism practices, income levels, time spent on criticism and other work, employment arrangements, ethical approach, political views and opinions about funding for criticism and the role of the critic in today’s society. We will also request information on your ethnicity, gender and disability to monitor equal opportunities.

Participation is on a voluntary basis.