* 1. The Government currently provides 15 hours of free early learning places for 3 and 4 year olds. Do you access these hours?

* 2. If yes to Question 1, do you pay for any additional hours of childcare? If so how many additional hours?

* 3. Please tick the box that best represents your family situation.

* 4. Eligibility for 30 hours of free entitlement is as follows. Each parent in your household is required to be working a minimum of 16 hours at minimum wage and earns less than £100,000 per year. Please tick the box that is most suitable to describe your household.

* 5. If eligible, how likely is it that you will use some or all of the additional 15 hours for your child if these were available to you?

* 6. How many of the additional 15 hours of early learning per week would you use?

* 7. Would you use the additional hours in the same setting, if available or an alternative setting?

* 8. Do you have any comments or suggestions you would like to make regarding the 30 hours free entitlement?