Welcome to our consultation on our draft IRMP 2020-2024

The IRMP is our plan for the next four years. It sets out the key risks we face and how we plan to manage these. It also looks at the opportunities for us to further improve our Service and it lists the priorities we have set ourselves under each of the four key areas of our Service - People, Operational Excellence, Community Safety Excellence and Value for Money.
The priorities direct where and how we will focus our time and resources.
We would very much like to hear your views about our plan, particularly if you think there is a risk or opportunity we haven't explored or if there is something you feel is missing in the priorities we are setting for the next four years. 
The plan should be read in the context that we have a statutory duty to prevent fires and other emergencies from happening; to protect the public from fires through our work with owners of non-residential buildings to ensure they comply with fire safety legislation; and of course, to respond to emergencies.  
We very much value your thoughts and look forward to hearing what you think. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.
Best regards
Chris Strickland
Chief Fire Officer
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