Please complete this quick survey. It helps us understand how educators are getting involved and improve our resources for future years. Your response also helps us achieve funding for this important event. Thank you!

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* 6. Why did you get involved with Road Safety Week?

* 7. Did you access the free online action pack in the members' area of the Road Safety Week website?

* 8. What did you use from the online action pack? (tick as many as apply)

* 10. Did you think the resources were appropriate for the audience you work with?

* 11. Which of the following road safety activities did you run for Road Safety Week? (tick as many as apply)

* 12. What age range do you teach/work with? (tick as many as apply)

* 13. Did you order any hard copy resources?

* 14. What resources did you order? (tick as many as apply)

* 15. Please briefly summarise your activity in no more than 80 words, including how well you think the Week went:

* 16. Was there any other information you would have liked but could not get from our websites? (up to 50 words)

* 17. Are you hoping to take part in Road Safety Week 2017?

* 18. Are you running any other road safety activities throughout the year? Please leave details if you'd like Brake to work with you:

* 19. Any comments/suggestions on the way Brake encourages and supports educators getting involved in Road Safety Week? (max 80 words)

* 20. We may use information from your responses about your Road Safety Week activities on our website or in bulletins to give examples of how communities have got involved, but if you would rather we didn't do this please tick the box below.

Thank you for taking part in our survey, and for your involvement in Road Safety Week. We look forward to working with you in future years.