What are short breaks?

Short breaks are a hugely important service for families of disabled children and one which our local authorities are legally obliged to provide. Examples of short breaks include: holiday clubs, after school clubs, individual activities e.g. horseriding or swimming, overnight stays away. Activities might be 'specialist' (only for SEND children e.g. Crofters, Express CIC, Yorda etc) or mainstream e.g. Koosa, Brownies, which SEND children can attend, with additional support. Short break funding may pay for the cost of the activity or for the extra support required to access a mainstream activity,
Why do this survey?
Richmond and Kingston (through Achieving for Children) spend c. £800k a year on providing short breaks for local SEND children. For the first time since the new SEND legislation came into force, parents can have a real say as to how the spend for 2018-2021 is allocated. NOW is the moment to influence the services that your child could receive from next year.
Please take a few moments to fill in this survey. All questions are optional. All answers will be confidential and any data given to Achieving for Children will be entirely anonymised. Please tell us as much as you can. If you have more than one child, it might be better to use a separate survey if their needs are very different. 
If you have any questions  or would like to discuss anything further, please email Rachel Derrick for Richmond: rachelsfv@outlook.com or Sam Rospigliosi for Kingston: sam_rospigliosi@hotmail.com
Thank you so much in advance!

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