New Forest Heart 2017 Community Priorities Survey

New Forest Heart Neighbourhood Team would like to ask local residents to complete a short survey in relation to crime and anti-social behaviour. The information collected will remain anonymous, but will be used to set local policing priorities for the coming months.

* 1. Which age group do you fall within?

* 2. The Policing areas in New Forest Heart are aligned with local Council Wards. Please tell us which area you live in - if you do not know which ward you fall within then please click on the link below.

* 3. Do you feel concerned by crime where you live? Please select from the list below, which crime types concern you the most and rank in order of priority. (please do not include anti-social behaviour here as this is covered in another section).

  High Medium Low Not affected
Dwelling burglary
Non-dwelling burglary (e.g sheds)
Theft from motor vehicle
Drug related issues
Violence related crime
I do not feel affected by crime

* 4. Are you concerned by anti-social behaviour where you live? If you do, then please tell us what type of anti-social behaviour you feel affected by. (Please tick all that apply to you).

* 5. We are always striving to improve the service we provide and our communities can help us achieve this. What do you think would help improve the issues you have identified above?

* 6. Is there anything else that you would like to tell your neighbourhood Policing team about? Your feedback is very important to us and is greatly appreciated.