Why this survey is important.


What challenges does your organisation currently face? What resources and advice help you to do your work?  And what further assistance could improve what you do? 

Wessex Community Action (Wiltshire's Council for Voluntary Service) has been talking to The National Lottery Community Fund about the resources and support which Wiltshire based community organisations could use to help them be more successful and sustainable in their work.

Community organisations reach out for help from a variety of sources such as national bodies; online advice; training providers; funders; as well as local support agencies.  This survey, which is funded by the lottery, is about what’s missing for you that could best be provided at a local level.

Your views are important because they could influence the sort of resources and support available in Wiltshire.


WCA have engaged me to conduct this survey and consultation so that it is confidential, independent and impartial. (See Linkedin for my previous experience )

I will not publish any views or information which can be directly identified with a particular individual or organisation, unless you give me explicit permission to do so.
Completing the survey and expressing your views

Most of the questions are multiple choice or tick box and it should be possible to answer them without the need for research.  If you can't answer a particular question, just leave it and go to the next. However, there are also plenty of opportunities to provide more information and comment when you have something to say!

If you get interrupted, don’t worry as you should be able to go back into the survey and pick up where you left off, provided you're on the same computer.  

As well as this survey, you can also provide your views in other ways:

·         Just drop me an email directly: andrewmasonltd@yahoo.co.uk.

·         Book a phone conversation, just email me to suggest times

·         Come along to a focus group - email info@wessexcommunityaction.org.uk to find out where and when.
How the survey results will be used. 

My report will present the range of views and opinions and will set out options and initial recommendations. I will send it to everyone who participates so you can comment further, both directly or through special meetings.
On the basis of the findings of the report and the comments in response, WCA will consider how best to resource and support the development of local organisations over the next few years and will prepare a bid to the Lottery’s Community Fund to enable this. 

It should take about 20 to 30 minutes at most, so grab yourself a coffee before you get started!
Thank you very much for taking part in this survey. If you have any queries, just email me at andrewmasonltd@yahoo.co.uk.

Andrew Mason BA (Hons), MBA, FRSA

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