Cornwall New Energy is an EU funded project aiming to create a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for the peninsula. Cornwall council defined several ambitious targets as part of this to be achieved by 2030:

·         5% reduction in fuel poverty 

·         20% reduction in fuel bills

·         30% of energy spend retained in the Cornish economy 

·         50% of generation to be owned locally 

·         100% of electricity demand to be met by renewables 

·         4000 green jobs in the County

We at BRE’s National Solar Centre are in the process of producing a ‘Roadmap to 2030’ laying out the pathway for Cornwall to meet its goals. As part of this project we are looking to speak to Local authorities with existing energy strategies. We want to learn from your experiences and create case studies to be included within Cornwall’s strategy document.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.