Many thanks for agreeing to participate in our survey. It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Hopefully less.

The purpose of this survey is to identify activities which build people’s self-confidence, self-belief or self-efficacy with a view to improving service outcomes. We are interested in both user and staff empowerment.

Examples of this could be health services where people are supported to tackle their health conditions, education services where students are supported to have the confidence to learn for themselves; or activities where staff are given exceptional levels of autonomy, because that helps improve service outcomes.

If you’re not sure if a project quite fits, don’t worry, we’d much rather know about it than not. At this stage we want to identify as many activities as possible so please do forward to other people you think maybe relevant.

The survey will be used to inform a report being published by Nesta and Osca in Autumn 2017 – who are seeking to identify, support and celebrate activities with these aims.

* 1. How does your work support the development of self-confidence or self-belief or self-efficacy in your target audience  (e.g. patient, student, user, citizen, staff)

(any detail on methodology would be appreciated)

* 2. How (if at all) does building self-confidence or self-belief or self-efficacy help you achieve your desired outcomes?

(e.g. what’s your theory of change?)

* 3. How do you know if you are being, or have been, successful in building self-confidence or self-belief or self-efficacy?

(e.g. do you measure it in any way, and, if so, how?)

* 4. Are there any other projects you are aware of where efforts to build self-confidence or self-belief or self-efficacy have been either successful or unsuccessful in delivering improved outcomes?

* 5. Your project details

* 6. If you would be happy to talk to us in more detail about your work, please tick this box