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Issued: Monday 3 September 2018
How to Respond:
Where applicable and possible, it would be most helpful that your response is provided per organisation. We also ask that all responses are submitted through this Call for Evidence Online Consultation.

To assist navigation through this consultation and for those specialising in particular topic fields we have arranged the consultation into the following sections. You are of course welcome to submit responses to any part of the consultation or in its entirety. To skip any section of this consultation, simply click the 'next' button at the bottom of each page followed by the 'submit' button to complete your submission to this consultation. Please note: should you wish to complete the consultation in its entirety you may wish to allow up to an hour to do so.

1. Future Energy Scenarios Document
2. Scenario Framework
3. Industrial and Commercial Energy Demand
4. Demand Side Response (DSR) & SMART
5. Energy Efficiency by 2030
6. Domestic Heat
7. Transport
8. Whole Energy System
9. Electricity Market Modelling
10. Gas Supply

Confidentiality and Data Protection:
All information provided as part of this call for evidence will be used for reasonable business purposes only. Your personal information will remain confidential and not published as a part of our findings. We will provide a summary of the feedback we receive and how we will take it forward as part of our annual Stakeholder Feedback Document publication in early 2019.

Where possible, please provide evidence to support your view(s). You can email this directly to us at FES@nationalgrid.com Please reference the section and question that you are supplying the evidence for in your email. The evidence could be your own analysis, reports or public studies for example.   

Enquiries: Email the team at FES@nationalgrid.com

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