You are one of around 4000 pupils your age who will be taking part in this survey over the next few weeks. The information you give will help us find out what you think about your health, well-being and personal safety.  This information will be used to help monitor how well we are doing to improve the health and wellbeing of all North Lincolnshire pupils.

All information is anonymous and the only people who will see the individual responses from every pupil across North Lincolnshire are the research team. No individual pupils will be identified in any reports.   However, if they see anything that makes them seriously concerned about the welfare or safety of any pupil they will get in touch with the head teacher to check if anything is wrong and if the child needs help. 

If you have any worries that you want to talk about with an adult that you can’t talk about at home, please speak to a teacher or another adult in school.  There are also links at the end of the survey to organisations that can help or give further information. 

Please take the survey seriously and try to be as honest as you can.  

Thank you