Survey - Sondage Participants Gala CFBL 2017

Thanks for taking part to this survey. Your opinion is very important to us. It will help us organise the Gala 2018 and meet even better the expectations of CFBL Parents.
Merci de votre participation à ce sondage. Votre avis est très important pour nous. Il nous permettra d’organiser un Gala 2018 qui réponde encore mieux aux attentes des Parents d’élèves du CFBL

* 1. Did you come to the Gala CFBL 2017

* 2. Overall, how would you rate the Gala CFBL 2017?

* 3. What did you like about the Gala 2017?

* 4. What did you dislike about the Gala 2017?

* 5. On a scale of 1 to 5, could you rate the different elements of the Gala

  1 - Excellent 2 - Very Good 3 - Good 4 - Fair 5 - Poor
Organisation before the event (email, signing up,..)
Organisation on the day (directions, bar, cloakroom, raffle, sound system..)
The information following the Gala ( use of funds, …)
The venue ( Hotel Renaissance)
The speakers
The auction Prizes
The Raffle/Tombola Prizes
The Food
The wine & drinks
The Dancing floor
The music selection / DJ
The Casino table
The Martini Bar

* 6. How likely are you to attend the CFBL Gala next year?

* 7. Any request ,suggestion or worry you would like to share