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Hello and thanks for agreeing to fill in the survey. We are considering options to repurpose the current PILOT Nights grants, but to do this, we need input from the artists we serve. We have funds to support artists, but with so much changing over the past year, we would like to hear directly from you about what would help and what your current priorities are when thinking about making work.

If you would prefer to record your answers in a voice note, you can send the file to us at

If you have other thoughts you'd like to share with us outside of this form please feel free to contact us by email at

For more information about PILOT Nights please visit our website or follow us on social media @pilotnights 

We really value your input moving forward, thanks for taking the time to fill this out.

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* 1. Artists’ financial needs

PILOT Nights has historically supported the WiP process of artists by offering fees to participating artists, alongside the venue package and platform to test work. As an artist who has been impacted by Covid and national lockdown, please tell us about your biggest financial needs and challenges right now.

Tick as many or as few as you wish

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* 2. Artist activity

PILOT Nights focuses on sharing and platforming WiP performances to encourage a deeper understanding of performance making processes. Because of this, it has potential to generate a following for artists and work, as people see the work at early stages & are keen to see how it develops. So, with the past year in mind, alongside the immediate performance landscape ahead of us, please tell us about your current making processes.

In your own words, what does your making process currently look like? And if your work as an artist is currently paused, please describe this.

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* 3. In your own words, what currently feeds, or could feed your making process and creative practice?

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* 4. In your own words, what has restricted your making process and creative practice, over the past 12 months?

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* 5. The PILOT Nights package from venues has offered the following to artists:

a platform for work, technical support from the venue, rehearsal space, networking opportunities with venue programmers, opportunities to form relationships for future work with venues, feedback (from audiences and the venue). With this in mind, please tell us about your current needs in relation to making work.

Which of these are relevant to you now? Tick as many or as few as you wish

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* 6. In your own words, please describe what you perceive to be vital needs from regional venues, in order to help sustain your work as an active making artist in this region?

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* 7. If you could describe your top 3 needs to maintain making work as an artist, what would these be?

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