Northern Ireland Public Sector Communications Forum (NIPSCF) Skills Survey 2018/19

This is a survey on behalf of the Northern Ireland Public Sector Communications Forum (NIPSCF). The NIPSCF is the professional body for all communications professionals working in public sector departments and organisations across Northern Ireland.

This survey of NIPSCF members is not a test; nor is it designed to assess your performance. Instead, it is designed to support effective decision making about skills gaps and development opportunities across the profession. It is also to help you assess your development needs across the capabilities outlined in the Guide to Modern Public Sector Communications. The Forum steering group will use the findings from this first annual survey to help shape the training, networking and support that we offer to members.

This survey is being carried out in accordance with the Market Research Society guidelines and your responses will remain confidential and will not be attributed to you personally. We will analyse results and publish a report of the findings, as well as outlining how we will use these to help fill skills gaps and support learning and development across the sector.

We would hope that you will also be able to use your answers to this survey and your understanding of your own skills to have discussions with your line managers about learning and development opportunities, and use this to help you to inform your own personal development plan. 

The survey has been designed to be easy to understand and fast to complete. It should take no more than 15 - 20 minutes, depending on your answers. Please ensure you answer questions honestly to provide NIPSCF with an accurate overview of skills levels across the profession.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us on