We would like to ask you for your views and experiences of NHS hearing aid services.  This includes audiology (testing your hearing) and the supply and fitting of NHS hearing aids, along with any after care or follow up that you have been offered. This survey applies to NHS hearing aid services which you have been referred by your GP for. NHS hearing aid service providers may be hospitals, or high street and other retail suppliers providing you with a hearing aid on the NHS.

Services include:
*  Audiology (hearing tests and assessments)
*  Provision and fitting of hearing aids
*  Patient education, including self-care advice and information
*  Follow up appointments and after care 

We will use your feedback to help us improve this service for you.  All personal information will be treated in confidence.

This survey will be open to receive people's views however we will write a report in July to help improve the service. This report will be available to everyone who responded.

In addition to this survey, we are meeting with NHS hearing aid users to hear their views face to face. If you would like to meet with us please contact us on 01282 644 627 or you can email us at
Thank you for participating in this survey. If you have any queries about this at all please contact us on 01282 644 627.