What's Your View?

The NHS in the South West is seeking your views on how we can provide fair access to NHS funded patient transport.  

We will use your feedback and comments to consider how to improve the fairness in the way patients are supported with NHS funded non-emergency patient transport. 

We would like you to answer some questions and add any extra comments you feel are important. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

If you need help to complete this form please phone:  01278 727442

Thank you for taking time to give us your views.


What is patient transport?
Patient transport is an NHS funded non-emergency service offered to people who cannot get to hospital appointments because their health condition impacts on their ability to use routine transport (cars/trains/buses/taxis/wheelchair taxis).

Why is change needed?
NHS organisations across the South West are responsible for commissioning Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS).  They spend over £31 million per year on providing over 600,000 journeys to take patients to hospital or similar appointments. 

These NHS organisations have decided to work together to review their policies to try to ensure equality of access and that the limited resources available support those who truly need them. They want to ensure resources are not provided for those who are able to make their own way to or from hospital by other means. 

It is hoped that future policy changes may also achieve efficiencies and realise savings up to 30% of the budget. It is important to note that any savings achieved will be reinvested in the delivery of clinical healthcare services.