You may be aware that in November 2016 NHS Kernow’s Governing Body made the decision to stop funding the Telehealth service. Following a thorough review spanning six months and having considered a broad range of supporting evidence, the Governing Body determined that the Telehealth service did not have sufficient evidence of clinical effectiveness or value for money. 

Some people expressed concerns about our decision to stop funding the service and, having listened to their views, we have made the decision to undertake a six week consultation to gather more views on the support the service provides. Anyone who is using the service will continue to receive the monitoring support whilst we review our decision. The results of this consultation will support our Governing Body to make a final decision on the future commissioning of the Telehealth service in December 2017.

To help NHS Kernow review its decision to stop funding the Telehealth service, and to understand what support people require for their on-going health monitoring needs if the service was no longer available, we would like to offer you the opportunity to share your views by completing this online survey.