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The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants is a charity that was founded in 1967 to promote a fair and just immigration and asylum system. We provide immigration legal services, but we also work on immigration policy, campaign and lobby for changes to immigration law and policy.  
The purpose of this survey is to capture evidence  on the impact of recent changes to UK health policy on the health, well-being and health-seeking behaviour of migrants in vulnerable circumstances.

These policies relate to: 

1) NHS’ sharing of patient information with the Home Office ;

2) the introduction of upfront charging in secondary care and;

3) the extension of healthcare charging into NHS-funded community services.

Guidance on submitting case studies

By submitting a case study, you agree to it being used by JCWI and/or partner organisations, for the purposes of our advocacy and campaigning to challenge the above policies.

Case studies will be fully anonymised, with all potentially identifiable patient information removed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Where possible, please include the following details:

the setting of the case (e.g. hospital department);

when the case occurred;

the time-frame of the case (i.e. how long was the patient’s treatment delayed? How long had the patient avoided presenting for treatment?);

the immigration status of the patient (e.g. asylum-seeker, refused asylum-seeker, refugee or undocumented migrant).

Question Title

* 1. Please select the category which best describes your professional role.

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* 2.  Please describe any cases in which a patient’s fear of being reported to the Home Office (and/or being detained or deported by immigration enforcement) has impacted on their access to healthcare (for example being deterred or delayed from accessing healthcare).

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* 3. Please describe any cases in which a patient’s fear of incurring healthcare charges that they cannot afford has impacted on their access to healthcare (for example deterred or delayed them from accessing healthcare)

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* 4. Please describe any cases in which a patient has had healthcare withheld because of the upfront charging policy (i.e. they could not pay upfront so care was withheld) in hospitals or community services.

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* 5. Please describe any other impact on the health, wellbeing or wider circumstances of a patient as a result of ID checks or upfront charging in NHS services, or the sharing of NHS patient information with the Home Office.

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* 6. Can we contact you for further information about the information you submitted?

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* 7. Can we contact you in the future with information related to Doctors of the World's campaigns and advocacy activities