Background and Instructions

Thank you for participating in this survey, your feedback will form part of an analysis on the use of organ-on-a-chip technology. The survey is open until 14 August 2020 and should take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Aim & scope:  Organ-on-a-chip technologies, also known as microphysiological systems and tissue-chips, offer the potential to reduce the reliance on animal models by providing more physiologically relevant and predictive human models for use from basic to applied research. The field is rapidly growing with models developed for multiple organ/tissue systems, ranging from academic proof-of-concepts to products on the market.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on the use, application, 3Rs impacts (replacement, reduction and refinement of animals in research), barriers and opportunities for adoption of the technology. The data collected will be used internally for future project planning in the area and anonymised summary data may be published as a report on the NC3Rs website or in a peer reviewed journal, and/or presented at scientific meetings.

Please answer all questions relevant to you as thoroughly as you can. Questions preceded by * require an answer to proceed. Additional details are available on the information sheet, which can be downloaded here.

Eligibility: We welcome responses from end-users of organ-on-a-chip technology, those working in industry (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, consumer goods sectors), for contract research organisations (CROs), in academia and those working in other roles, such as regulators. We would like to receive responses from those who are currently using, have used or are considering using organ-on-a-chip technology. 

Data Management: All data collected in this survey will be anonymised and treated in strict confidence. The NC3Rs data management plan for this survey is available on request.

Ethics approval: Ethics approval has been given by the Social Science Research Ethical Review Board at the Royal Veterinary College (URN SR2020-0203).

Please read the following statements. If you agree with these and wish to take part in the survey, please select “I understand the above points and consent to take part”. If you do not wish to take part, please select “I do not consent to take part”.
  • I confirm that I have fully read and understood all the information on the information sheet and that I have had the opportunity to ask questions. If I asked a question I was given a satisfactory answer.
  • I understand and acknowledge that this investigation is designed to promote scientific knowledge. I understand that my responses collected during the survey may be looked at by individuals from the NC3Rs.
  • I understand that the anonymous survey data collected may be used in future research projects but that the conditions on this form under which I have provided the data will still apply.

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