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Thank you for participating in our survey which aims to collect the views of people that live in the parish of Pucklechurch.

Everybody has an opinion about development in their local area.

There is increasing pressure to provide enough housing in South Gloucestershire to meet demand over the next five years and beyond. It's possible that some of the land identified with potential for development will be in Pucklechurch Parish. The Parish Council believes the best way to influence the scale and nature of development is to produce a neighbourhood plan.

A neighbourhood plan provides a way for local people to have a say in the future development of their area. The plan would have to be taken into account in when planning decisions are made about where and what type of housing, businesses, and infrastructure to approve for development in our area.

A neighbourhood plan helps us to shape the place we live in but cannot block all development - it's inevitable that some form of development will take place in Pucklechurch Parish but if we adopt a neighbourhood plan we can at least have a say about what we both need and want and what gets built where.