Introduction - confidential survey

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HTA and NFU are working together to represent the needs of UK growers to government on peat and growing media. This survey is designed to help us provide evidence of how peat is used in professional horticulture, what growers need in order to reduce peat use, and what economic impacts there would be should growers not be supported in making a manageable transition away from peat, for instance in reasonable time frames or targeted exemptions in areas where viable alternatives are not yet available.

The survey is being run according to the Market Research Society's code of conduct, which means that the answers you give are confidential. We will only report results in aggregate, and will not identify or share individual responses to the survey, nor use them for any other purpose than analysis.

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* 1. Which one of the following best describes your role in your business?

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* 2. Roughly what was your business' annual turnover last year?

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* 3. Averaged over the last year, roughly what number of full time equivalents (FTEs) did your business employ? Please include permanent, temporary and seasonal labour in this figure.