So we can plan our future work based on demand. ROAR are seeking public opinion on the types of spaces Rotherham needs for the creation of and participation and engagement in all artforms. 
We really need your help to make sure we are meeting your expectations and aspirations. 
Please complete the following as honestly and as thoroughly as possible.
If you would like give a more in depth interview about any of these questions, receive information about the results or join the ROAR mailing list for news, please email or telephone 01709 835747 

* 1. If you currently work in a studio or would perhaps like one in the future, what facilities from the following would create your ideal set up? Please select ALL which apply

* 2. When it comes to shared spaces with fellow studio holders, which of the following which would be desirable?

* 3. Please rate how important the following would be in terms of studio location

  Not important Somewhat important  Quite important Very important 
Town centre location 
Industrial district
Somewhere near local amenities
On public transport route

* 4. Would you find any of the following a useful resource in Rotherham? (Please assume all spaces have full disability access)

  For you For others
Wood/metal workshop space
Printroom with etching facilities and press
Theatre performance/ screening space
Exhibition and event space
Sprung dance floor / dance studio 
Rehearsal space (music or theatre)
Imaginative quality conferencing facilities 
Live recording facilities 
Ceramic studio 
Photographic dark room 
Laser cutting facilities 
Ceramic studio
Makerspace - digital & technical 
Virtual reality space 

* 5. Do you think these facilities should be available in one space or across multiple locations?

* 6. Would you prefer new facilities or the use of existing buildings in Rotherham?

* 7. Please rate how important the following would be in terms of the above facilities

  Not important Somewhat important  Quite important  Very important 
Accessible parking
Good public transport connections 
Walk-ability from Rotherham town centre
Child focused
Family friendly 

* 8. Please select where you been an audience member in the last 12 months

* 9. If you have ticked any of the above, is there any you have attended more than others? If so, why?

* 10. If there is anything else you would like to tell us, if you have any barriers to participation such as mobility, cost, language or company, please use this space to do so