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Have your say on what you believe will be the key trends, opportunities and challenges set to shape and impact the Optical Network and Data Centre Interconnect sector in 2018.

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* 3. What topics are most of interest to you in 2018?

* 4. What do you think are the biggest trends this year?

* 5. What are your predictions for Optical Network developments in 2018?

* 6. Who do you consider the most innovative/ influential operator or data centre in the space right now?

* 7. Who do you consider the most innovative/ influential vendor in the space right now?

* 8. What  is your investment priority in 2018?

* 9. Based on your selection above, please elaborate on which areas of technology/ research/ training you will be focusing investment:

* 10. What were the biggest challenges you faced in 2017 and how were these mitigated and overcome?

* 11. What sort of solutions will you be looking for this year and beyond?

* 12. What is your top priority for the next 12 to 24 months? Why is this important?

* 13. Do you anticipate any major industry shifts or disruptions in 2018?

* 14. Which region do you think will create more opportunities for Optical Networking and Data Centers?

* 15. Which region will drive the most growth?

* 16. What industries will benefit most from updates and improvements in Optical Networking?

* 17. Which technologies do you believe will have the most impact on optical networking in 2018?

* 18. Further commentary and predictions for Optical Networking and DCI in 2018:
(Please add here any additional predictions)

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