Submitting quality suspicious activity reports (SARs)

The aim of this survey is to understand how we can improve the quality of SARs submitted to the National Crime Agency (NCA) from gambling operators.

The feedback from this survey will be used to shape awareness training and will help us in designing a training programme supporting this research. 

This survey is completely anonymous, so please feel free to be honest in your responses.  

Do not disclose any identifiable details in relation to specific cases in this survey.

It will only take around two minutes to complete.

Thanks in advance.

Question Title

* 1. How well do you understand how to submit a Suspicious Activity Report

Question Title

* 2. How well do you understand how to submit a Defence Against Money Laundering Suspicious Activity Report

Question Title

* 3. Do you know when you should be submitting a SAR or a DAML SAR?

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* 4. Do you know what information you should be putting into the SAR or a DAML SAR?

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* 5. Is there anything you would like the SARs training to cover in particular?

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* 6. In regards to future training/ communications; What format do you prefer?