Thank you in advance for taking part in this Cumbrian census. This census forms part of a programme to raise awareness of social enterprises in Cumbria and the data collected will help us build the evidence for social enterprise in the county and measure the growth of the sector. 

The answers you give will be kept confidential and any identifying details will not be shared.

The Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership is supported and funded by Cumbria County Council and more information about its activities and the benefits of being a member can be found at

* 1. What is the name of your social enterprise?

* 2. What year did your social enterprise start? [YYYY]

* 4. What activities does your social enterprise deliver (please indicate up to 5 activities and rate their importance to your business)

  1 (most important) 2 3 4 5 (least important)
Social Care
Health Care (physical & mental)
Youth related services
Training for employment, skills and learning
Childcare (incl. preschools, nurseries, playgroups, holiday schemes)
Sport & Leisure
Creative Industries (incl. technology, arts, music, film, publishing)
Workspace & Buildings (community/village halls, venue hire)
Hospitality (inc. pubs, restaurants, cafes)
Tourism & Visitor Attractions
Farming, Agriculture & Food Production
Environmental (recycling, re-use, awareness raising)
Faith related services
Specialist advice & information
Financial support and services
Business support

* 5. How many employees and volunteers does your organisation have?

* 6. What legal structure is your social enterprise?  (Please select all relevant)

* 7. What was your social enterprise's annual turnover for the last financial year?

* 8. Approximately what proportion of your Turnover is generated from trading activities?

* 9. Can you rank how your organisation generates its income?
(1 being the highest)

* 10. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  We'll be collating the results and sharing these over the coming months.