Pre-event Questions and Comments for Panel

We hope to offer audience members an in-depth introduction to WP, and for our audience members to come away with greater understanding of the topic, as well as some practical information about how WP programs are run, how they can be improved, and what the future of WP could look like. 

Speaker 1: Dr. Jade Scott-Blagrove and medical students (Craig and Emily)
- An introduction to Widening participation as a topic
- Why is Widening Participation important?
- Overview of the Widening Participation Medics Network

Speaker 2: Dr. Rosie Patterson
- Personal experiences of widening participation - in her capacity as a Junior Doctor, as well as looking back over her medical school experience.

Speaker 3: Alex Clark
- How can we best conduct Widening participation programmes?
- How might WP programmes be improved?
- A look towards the future of widening participation

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* 1. A Q&A is planned as part of our event towards the end but if you have any questions you would like to submit to the event planners beforehand, please write it below.

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* 2. Would you like to address your question specifically to one or more of our speakers?

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* 3. We would really appreciate any comments, observations, and/or personal stories about Widening Participation. If you would be happy to share these with the audience, please let us know below: