The Talent Keeper Specialists are on a mission to improve the experience of employees returning to work after a break (maternity, shared parental, sickness and sabbatical) and we want to hear from people who’ve done it.

We’re producing a series of very short films (up to c 2 minutes each) on several themes relating to preparing to go off on leave and returning from leave. Each one will feature one or a couple of people sharing their top tips/their experiences on a given theme.

Additionally, we’re on the hunt for line managers who have supported the return of team members after an extended break.

At this stage we are looking for around 15 returning employees and a similar number of line managers across different industries and different levels of seniority.

The films would be used in a variety of ways including on our website ( and in line manager and returner workshops.

Filming is taking place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 in St Albans, Hertfordshire (5 minutes from J21 of the M25).

If you’re game for being involved, please tell us about yourself:

* 1. Your first name:

* 2. Your surname:

* 3. Please provide your e-mail address:

* 4. Please provide your mobile number:

* 5. What is your Twitter handle:

* 6. What is your LinkedIn profile:

* 7. What industry do you work in?

* 8. What is your most recent role title?

* 9. Please tick all that apply:

* 10. If you have experience of being a RETURNING EMPLOYEE, which of these themes have you got the most to share that could be of value to others (please pick up to 5):

* 11. If you have experience of being a LINE MANAGER to a returning employee, which of these themes have you got the most to share that could be of value to others (please pick up to 5):

* 12. We might like to contact you to dig deeper into your responses and/or invite you to share your experiences via a written case study. Are happy for us to do that?

* 13. Please tick here to consent to film footage being used for commercial purposes as described above:

* 14. Finally, is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences?