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* 2. Address:

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* 6. Please indicate if you... (please tick all that apply)

* 7. How often do you cycle in London per week?

* 8. How important are the following issues to you?

  Very important Important Neutral Not important Not at all important
Improving air quality
Greater choice of transport options
Creating safer infrastructure for pedestrians
Creating safer infrastructure for cyclists and
encouraging more people to cycle
Inclusive access for all in the urban environment
Encouraging jobs and growth
Access to green spaces and the river walk
Access to amenities and leisure facilities
High quality public space
Preservation of existing green spaces on both sides of the river
Improving journey experience
Creating better connections between communities
Better provision for private motor vehicles

* 9. Which Thames crossing do you use most frequently?

* 10. How do you normally cross the river?

* 11. What would you be most likely to use the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge for?

* 12. How would you use the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge? (Please select all that apply)

* 13. What factors would encourage you to walk and/or cycle more regularly? (e.g. better connectivity, safer/quieter routes, mobility/disability access)

* 14. Please let us know any further comments you have on the proposed Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge:

* 15. How would you like to be kept informed about the proposals for the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge?

* 16. How did you hear about the public exhibition?

* 17. Please indicate your age:

* 18. Are you a resident of:

* 19. Did you find the information at this public exhibition useful?

* 20. Thank you for your interest. The information in this survey is being collected on behalf of Wandsworth Council by Cascade Communications and Belgrave Communications.  All data received will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998; this data will only be used to provide updates to respondents in relation to the proposals for the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge.