What's hindering you?

Customer centricity is a journey more than it is a destination! This short survey looks into the obstacles and hindrances that companies face on that journey.
Please can you express your level of agreement with the following 10 statements that may or may not relate to your current issues when it comes to customer centricity?

* 1. Please register how much you agree with each statement that describes a common issue that businesses face, from completely disagree to completely agree:

  Completely disagree Somewhat disagree Neither agree nor disagree Somewhat agree Completely agree
My company's customer programmes often get stalled, delayed or dropped before they fully deliver
My company has too much of a “numbers focus” on product sales, not the customers who buy them
My company has constant changes in strategy and turnover of senior sponsors
My company isn’t clear about which markets / sectors to target & develop; we waste effort on off-target opportunities
My company is organised in silos; customer programmes are championed by functions so find it hard to influence other parts of the business
My company has an over-reliance on IT to deliver change, with consequent poor people engagement
My company is being left behind in the digital / social / AI revolution and vs. the digital sophistication of our customers
My company hasn’t mapped the multi-channel customer journey or isn’t managing it well
My company has IT tools, capabilities or infrastructure that are either out-of-date or not being used effectively
My company hires & develops staff for technical skills rather than attitude & broader commercial ability to be trusted advisors

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