What is this study about?
NCEPOD is undertaking a study to explore the care of patients up to the age of 25 (before their 25th Birthday) receiving long term ventilation (LTV). LTV is defined as ventilation provided every day for 3 months (invasive and non-invasive) where the intention is/was to maintain the patient at home on continued ventilatory support (not home oxygen)'.

Information is being collected across the whole of the UK from areas of care where one or all of the following are provided:
·         Long term ventilation is initiated
·         Settings where patients receiving LTV may be treated (specialist and non-specialist, acute sector and community care including respite)
·         Emergency care is provided
·         The hospital provides home ventilation

Data collection methods include:
·         Parent/carer & patient views (questionnaires, interviews and focus groups)
·         Clinician views (questionnaire and interviews)
·         Case note review
Who should complete this form?
Please complete this questionnaire if you work in one of the areas of care detailed above, and/or are or could be involved with this group of patients (this will include managers and commissioners of care). We are hoping to collect data from health and social care providers in both acute and community settings (including the ambulance service, residential placements and schools), and also commissioners.
All responses given as part of this study are confidential