Study description

Thank you for participating in this survey to gather insight into the performance and reporting of animal research. There are two parts to this survey, the first focused on the writing of animal research, and the second on the review of studies containing animal research. The first section will take 15-20 minutes to complete and the second 5-10 minutes, and you may complete just one or both sections (as applicable).

We ask that you provide honest accounts of your experimental and reporting practices as your answers will be used to help to improve the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) reporting guidelines to best meet the needs of researchers.
This research is conducted by the NC3Rs in collaboration with the University of Bristol.
All data collected in this survey will be treated in strict confidence, made anonymous, and held securely by the NC3Rs. No information will be collected during this survey that can be used to identify any individual respondent.

* 1. Please read the following statements. If you agree with these and wish to take part in the study please select “I understand the above points and consent to take part”. If you do not wish to take part please select “I do not consent to take part”.

  • I confirm that I have fully read and understood all the information on the information page
  • I understand and acknowledge that this investigation is designed to promote scientific knowledge. I understand that my responses collected during the study may be looked at by individuals from the NC3Rs. 
  • I understand that the anonymous study data collected from me as part of the study will be made available as “open data”. This means the anonymous study data will be publicly available and may be used for purposes not related to this study. I also understand that these data will be anonymous and it will not be possible to identify me from these data.
  • I understand that the anonymous study data collected for this study may be used in future research projects but that the conditions on this form under which I have provided the data will still apply.

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