Today's charity leaders have a lot to contend with. Aside from the challenges associated with delivering their objectives, trustees and senior managers must keep apace with a multitude of developments within technology, local environments and the political, financial and legal spheres – all of which bring their own set of risks and opportunities.
The voluntary nature of trusteeship is one of the key principles of the charity sector. But trustees are increasingly expected to adopt a 'professional' approach and to be aware of the legal responsibilities of their role.
The Charity Commission wants to attract a diverse group of people to become trustees but despite these new trustees increasing the skills and experience base on boards, they may have little or no previous experience of the demands of trusteeship.
By involving trustees in the risk management process from the start, it will minimise chances of something going wrong on their watch.

Here at Third Sector Insight (in association with Ecclesiastical Insurance) we want to hear your thoughts on how you manage and plan for risk. We invite you to take this survey in the strictest confidence and it will only take 5 minutes to complete (we know, we timed it!).
As a thank you, we will:

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* 1. Are your trustees aware that they are responsible for risk?

* 2. Do you involve your trustees in the risk management process?

* 3. If you answered yes, briefly describe how you involve them

* 4. If you answered no, please state your reasons.

* 5. Does your charity provide risk management training for trustees?

* 6. If yes, please describe the nature of this training.

* 7. If you answered no, please state your reasons for not providing training.

* 8. How do you allocate responsibilities among your trustees?

* 9. How important are the following risks to your organisations? Rank in order of importance – 1 very important – 5 least important:

* 10. Thinking about risk management, do you have a crisis management plan in place should the worst happen?

* 11. If you answered no, what is the main reason why not?

* 12. Which of the following crises’ have you faced during your career in the third sector? (please select all that apply)


* 13. Has your charity ever had to claim on its insurance?

* 14. Was your cover adequate to meet the claim?

* 15. If you answered no, explain briefly how or if this was resolved

* 16. As a result of your claim, did you change your risk management guidelines?

* 17. What would you like to see improved within your own charity regarding risk and crisis management in 2016?

* 18. First name

* 19. Last name

* 20. Job title

* 21. Organisation

* 22. Organisation size

* 23. Organisation income size

* 25. Work phone number

* 26. Work Email