About this survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey about our Helpline and Email support services.  This survey will ask questions about the service you received and how we can improve it.  It will also ask about the difference the service may have made to you.  

You do not have to answer all of the questions in this survey, you are welcome to skip questions or whole pages if you want to.

We will use the information to improve our services and evidence the difference our services make to women and girls.  One of the main places we will use the information is when we apply for funding for our services.  This means that we may quote some of what you write in the survey.  We will always do this in a way that makes sure no one can identify you.

Question Title

* 1. In what capacity did you use the helpline and / or email support?

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* 2. Which service did you use?

Question Title

* 3. How often did you use the helpline and/or email support in the last three months?