Volunteers' Week Awards 2020

We invite you to nominate individuals or teams of volunteers for the awards listed below. Please select only one category per volunteer/team. 

Deadline for nominations is Tuesday 31st March 2020. 

Award Categories
1. Outstanding New Volunteer
This award is for those who have made an outstanding contribution through volunteering in less than one year. It aims to recognise the huge contribution volunteers can make to an organisation in a short period of time. Open to all types of volunteer role.

2. Befriender/Mentor of the Year 
This award acknowledges those who have demonstrated huge commitment by improving other the lives of others through a befriending or mentoring relationship. 

3. Active Volunteering
This award recognises the contribution of those volunteers who take on an active role such as improving the environment, volunteering outdoors or assisting with physical activities/sports. Examples could include those volunteering with sports clubs, community gardens or walk leaders.

4. Service to the Community
This award recognises those volunteers who offer their time and skills to provide essential services to our local community. Examples could include those helping in a community café or lunch club, volunteer drivers, IT tutors or trustees/board members.

5. Health & Wellbeing
This award acknowledges volunteers who consider and care about the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable in our communities. Example volunteer roles could involve supporting and assisting, fundraising or campaigning to improve the health & wellbeing of others.

6. Long Service to Volunteering
This award recognises a high level of commitment to volunteering and is open to those who have contributed at least 5 years to an organisation’s work. Open to all volunteer roles.

7. Volunteer Manager of the Year
This award recognises excellence in volunteer management demonstrated by an individual who takes on a coordinating or managing role of volunteers.  They may be involved in a paid or unpaid capacity within either the public or third sector.

8. Saltire Summit Awards
Saltire Awards are a government endorsed awards scheme for young people aged 12-25, designed to formally recognise the commitment and contribution of youth volunteering. The Summit is the highest Saltire Award which can be achieved and demonstrates an outstanding contribution to volunteering. It is awarded to recognise those who have not only completed the “Ascent” (at least 50 hours of volunteering) but have exceeded expectations. Volunteers must be nominated individually for the Award by the organisation they volunteer with. The nominations are peer assessed by a panel of Saltire Ambassadors who decide who merits the Award.

For each nomination, you will be asked to provide information on your organisation, the role of the volunteer/volunteer manager, how long they have been involved and why they deserve to win the award. For Saltire Summit Awards you will need to know the date of birth of the young person you are nominating and also which Saltire Awards they have already achieved. Please make sure you have all this information ready before you begin as you will not be able to save and return to the nomination later.

If you require a paper copy of the nomination pack please get in touch on 0131 660 1216.