We want to hear your views on the council's proposals to bridge a budget shortfall in 2018/19 of £13.5 million. By 2021/22, it is estimated that this could be £45 million.
Significant savings now need to be made to balance the budget over the next four years. This will be done either by reducing, or no longer providing, some services. 

A Change Programme setting out the savings proposals was presented at the full council meeting on Tuesday 10 October. 

To inform your views, here is a summary of the Change Programme proposals.
Our consultation is open until Thursday 14 December. Final decisions will have to be made by late January or early February 2018 to fulfil our statutory duties and agree a balanced budget. Your feedback will help shape these decisions.  


* 1. What is your name (this question is optional)?

* 2. Which organisation, if any, do you represent? 

* 3. Having attended one of our public engagement meetings or read the Change Programme documents, how strongly would you agree or disagree with the statement below:
"I have a clearer understanding of the budget challenges and the measures proposed to address these."

* 4. Do you have any ideas or suggestions, not already outlined, that would help us bridge our budget gap?

* 5. Please use the space below to give us any feedback on the savings proposals.

Many thanks for completing this survey. If you have any further questions or comments please email: