Dear all,

The OPCC are looking to make an application for the Safer Street Fund which has been announced this week. The focus of this round of the Fund is on public spaces and primarily, but not exclusively, focused on public areas of concern for women and girls.

The main requirement will be to show that we have identified public spaces where women and girls feel unsafe or disproportionally experience Violence (VAWG related crimes).

One of the requirements is that we need to consult with local VAWG stakeholder groups and local organisations that hold responsibility for groups of women and girls, such as schools, universities, or local businesses. 

It is of paramount importance that any funding secured is obtained with the first-hand experiences and voices of women and girls at the heart of any application.   

To support the consultation process within the concentrated timeframes for the bid we are launching two surveys and we are seeking your support in distributing and engaging children, young people and families to take part in these which will help us identify local areas to target, support engagement and to corroborate existing local data that we hold.  

We highly appreciate any support you can provide.

This survey will be open until 14th June 2021 at 5pm.