Welcome to this Survey

This survey is designed specifically for UK-based wheelchair users who would routinely be invited for cervical screenings. While the survey refers to 'disabled women' we recognise that not everyone eligible for a cervical screening is a woman, and we welcome and invite responses from people of all genders who are eligible for cervical screenings.

We are trying to identify the existing barriers wheelchair users face when trying to access health services such as these. We are particularly interested in gathering evidence from anyone who cannot transfer out of their wheelchair without a hoist.

Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Trailblazers are leading this survey. Trailblazers are a network of young disabled campaigners who fight the social inequalities that prevent disabled people from living full and independent lives. We’re committed to making sure everyone has equal access to healthcare, no matter what their accessibility needs.

Thank you – we’re incredibly grateful to you for taking the time to fill in this survey to help inform our research.
This survey is anonymous. However, if you’d like us to keep you informed about the campaign, leave your contact details when you’re given that option at the end of the survey. If you do add your contact details, we will store them in accordance with data protection laws.
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