Giving Children and Young People a Voice on Conflict

After six successful creative arts competitions to mark the centenary of the First World War, Never Such Innocence will continue and expand. The next phase of the project is giving children and young people an opportunity to process, respond to and reflect on all forms of conflict and commemoration.

To date Never Such Innocence works with young people in 47 countries, territories and dependencies across five continents. This work will continue as we invite young people to create a poem, a speech, a song or piece of art reflecting on something they feel strongly about historically or currently, on an international scale, within their local community or wider society.

The project will be extended to embrace our intergenerational society, encouraging young people to collaborate with older people, sharing stories and experiences.

A schools resource will be published, and updated year-on-year, to provide inspiration for competition entries. The resource will be thematic and will cover impacts of, and responses to, war and conflict drawing on examples throughout history. As we develop our second phase we are asking our friends, partners and beneficiaries for feedback to help shape our future. We would be incredibly grateful if you might take a moment to answer the questions below.

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* 1. Do you discuss current events related to war and conflict in the classroom and/or during assembly? 

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* 2. Where do you look for and how do you access resources such as curriculum content and lesson plans?

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* 3. Would you find a printed resource or online resources more useful?

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* 4. To what extent is the curriculum prescriptive about wars and conflicts that should be covered?

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