London is a complex city and its funding landscape is changing dramatically. This change is being driven by a combination of factors including the redefining of the role of the state (both national and local), the changing profile of poverty and the needs of the population within London, and the increasingly complex governance and public policy landscape that our members operate within.

London Funders is a unique network. Our members invest in every aspect of London’s life, from the arts through to welfare, and they fund across all 32 boroughs and the City of London. London Funders provides a safe place to think and talk in order to facilitate collaboration and action, supporting our members to achieve their varied and diverse missions. Membership to London Funders allows for the following benefits:

·        Regular member seminars on topical funding issues, featuring senior-level speakers, with challenging debates and opportunities to share opinion and good practice with funder colleagues

·        Project group meetings enabling members to work together on specific issues in smaller groups

·        Access to policy briefing meetings, member updates and occasional joint events with key agencies on current issues

·        Weekly briefings focusing on key funding issues, relevant news and highlighting members’ programme updates to the wider membership

·        Opportunities to network with a wide spectrum of funders including statutory, corporate and foundation funders across London

·        Opportunities to raise your own issues and disseminate and discuss your programme outcomes or research with funder colleagues from all sectors across London through our programme of events or in a tailor-made gathering

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